Changshu ZhongYi Mould Factory
Founded in 2006 and located at the well-known Shajiabang Town, ZhongYi Mould boasts superior geographic location, with only around 100 km to the west of Shanghai as well as on the northeast of Suzhou and Wuxi cities.


Changshu ZhongYi Mould Factory
Constantly improving operation management while following the market rules; dedicated to exquisite craftsmanship with our own characteristics.


Changshu ZhongYi Mould Factory
Address: E District, Changkun Industrial Park, Shajiabang Town, Changshou City, Jiangsu Province, PRC.
Telephone: 0086-512-52500897/52507898
Fax: 0086-512-52506897
Mobile: 13862331888/15962305939
Q Q: 1483812098


Changshu ZhongYi Mould Factory
To win the 100% trust of the client with our extraordinary endeavor!

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Who are we?

ZhongYi Mould specializes in design and production of various kinds of utensils, lamps and crafts, including vases, ashtrays, bowls, saucers, plates, trophies, medals, gift moulds, and many more. We offer, in particular, custom-made middle- to high-end fireproof casting and molds made from stainless materials. We imported advanced professional equipment, including CNC machining center, CNC lathe, engraving machine, spraying alloy powder and stainless steel pole welding equipment, to make various kinds of household utensils and glass moulds. ZhongYi Mould boasts three major advantages: novel and complex pattern design; 3D model series modeling; Excellent mould quality, which have been supported by our complete and scientific quality management system. ZhongYi Mould has been widely acclaimed for its sincerity, strength as well as product quality. Welcome to visit us!